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15th June 2015
Theory U is a methodology and framework for change (individual, community and organisational). It does so many things so successfully it is hard to describe it in a way which does justice to what it can achieve. This article will briefly touch upon Theory U and Leadership. Theory U developed as a result of research about how successful leaders of innovation make things happen. As a result the stages or processes these leaders go through has been created into a map for those who wish to also achieve great change. The remarkable thing about the U-process is that it doesn't just guide you through the stages it also works on you as a leader. At its heart is the simple but obvious idea that, "the success of an intervention depends on the interior condition of the intervener." This is akin to re-creating the process of developing a star athlete. There are coaches who attend to the speed, stamina, muscles of the athlete and there are psychologists who attend to the mind that will guide and influence the behaviours that will lead to the ultimate success. Athletic coaches like educational trainers can only take you so far and then if you want to reach your potential as a change leader/agent then you have no choice but to work on yourself. Theory U guides you through that process. After the tremendous successes we have achieved with this methodology, Transformations will be underpinning more of its work using this approach. If you want to learn more about how it is being used in our work please follow our blogs (bottom of our home page)

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