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Coaching starts from where you are now and helps you get to where they want to be. It supports you to reach your potential. We recognise the pressure on senior managers and the isolation that this can bring. Balancing the demands of a challenging job and extensive change is a tough challenge. We focus on moving your organisation forward by helping you to prioritise and work towards your goals. Respond to your challenges through performance coaching. Our independent coaches have tools to support the organisation and the individual to manage the challenges they face.

How it works
  • The very first session will be an ‘exploratory and intake’ session looking at broad issues around coaching and personal. It is a chance to build a relationship before deciding on whether to enter a contract together.
  • Together we set the goals, explore the issues and develop an action plan.
  • Each individual session will be assessed to find out if it has reached its objectives.
The benefits to you
  • Coaching develops emotional intelligence, reflection and communication skills. These are essential for well run teams and departments. They increase productivity, reduce staff turn over and support succession planning.
  • It develops skills in newly appointed staff so they are better at dealing with gaps in their knowledge and skills
  • Staff feel better supported when an organisation goes through change
  • Helps the development of leadership skills
Training Courses

Coaching starts from where you are now and helps you get to where they want to be.
Coaching Services

Is a type of learning where the mentee is helped to talk and think through their important issues.

Consultation is a way of finding out the views of people. For instance of customers, the general public, employees.
Consultation and Evaluation

Our approach to event management with the general public is based on a good understanding of community development principles.
Event Management

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