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Our flexible training and experienced trainers adapt to your needs. We aim to help you make the right context for your workers to meet the challenges of today. We build commitment and motivation so that employees can excel in the workplace. We support them to develop in line with your organisational objectives. We support your drive for responsible autonomy and active team working by making our training useful for all learners. Our training builds in personal action planning which streamlines new ideas and making it applicable to each personís situation.

How it works
  • We find out all about you - your company goals, the learners, the outcomes you want from the training especially for the workplace
  • Then we design the training methods appropriate to your needs.
  • The activities and exercises are based on real-life situations
  • Our programmes use a number of different learning styles
  • Everyone leaves with a personalised action plan.
The benefits to you
  • The course will focus on what your workers need to know and be able to do. Time and energy is not wasted on areas which are not important to you.
  • Your employees can apply it to their work situation and so have a deeper level of understanding
  • Everyone has a chance of learning at their peak because we use a range of learning styles
  • The individual action plans that workers leave with can be discussed in supervision sessions and team meetings
  • Workers will be using evidence to base their actions in the work situation
Training Courses

Coaching starts from where you are now and helps you get to where they want to be.
Coaching Services

Is a type of learning where the mentee is helped to talk and think through their important issues.

Consultation is a way of finding out the views of people. For instance of customers, the general public, employees.
Consultation and Evaluation

Our approach to event management with the general public is based on a good understanding of community development principles.
Event Management

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