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I set up Transformations (an associates company) after a career in higher education, having worked for 5 universities up and down the country and after being an External Examiner for a further two undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Today I am an Organisational Development (OD) specialist with experience and qualifications in coaching, training and leadership development. I love to see people reach their true potential as individuals, in groups and as leaders of organisations and to do that I donít think that clients should be limited by the tools that the Consultant feels most comfortable with. OD allows me to work with my clients to support them in the ways and using the tools that best meet their needs. Having said that I have an instinct for sustainability and I want whoever I work with to be less reliant on me and any other Consultant as a result of us working together. For that to happen I always try to build in some sort of reflection process whether action learning, coaching, mentoring or whatever best suits the context and the client. I sense that we are more than the sum of our parts and believe that through self-discovery we are able to accelerate focus and achieve greater progress. I have always had an interest in putting something back into the community and have been actively involved in helping projects, groups and small to medium sized businesses to set up and grow since the 80ís. Today I am on the Board of three local charities and social enterprises. I like to relax by swimming, reading and sketching. See our News Section for information on one of these organisations WIMUK
Training Courses

Coaching starts from where you are now and helps you get to where they want to be.
Coaching Services

Is a type of learning where the mentee is helped to talk and think through their important issues.

Consultation is a way of finding out the views of people. For instance of customers, the general public, employees.
Consultation and Evaluation

Our approach to event management with the general public is based on a good understanding of community development principles.
Event Management

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