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26th September 2012

In 2011 Transformations began work on a pan-European Grundtvig project to explore people’s experience of change through storytelling with a European theme - called Shape the Change. Working with organisations across several countries (Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, and Portugal) we are capturing stories of what social changes have occurred over time with a focus on the European context.

Successfully launched in France the teams have met three time to share experiences, best practice, and learning methodologies. A delegation of participants met  Mr Samuel Thirion, Council of Europe, Social Cohesion Development and Research Division, in order to create a link with a the project SPIRAL (Societal Progress Indicators and Responsibilities for ALL).

The programme group met this year in the city of Derby to explore non-formal learning and community development in relation to social change

The next meeting will occur in November 2012 in Portugal

In 2013 the other meetings will be in Ireland and Italy




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