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Women In Management UK

Women In Management UK
3rd March 2015
I am now the National Chair for WIM UK Women in Management UK (WIMUK) is a voluntary organisation which supports the aspiration of women of all ages; providing opportunities to lead, to learn and to make a difference where ever you are. Our Community is made up of individuals who are passionate about encouraging and developing the skills, knowledge and experience of girls and women. Our members are female, male, all ages, cultures, ethnicity, religions, gender or sexual orientation – our focus is entire on women’s development. We believe that where ever you are right now you in your life you have something to share with others; we are here to create opportunities to help you do this in a variety of ways. In addition WIMUK offers our members support in: Business development and start up; Horizon, our Mentoring Scheme, which provide support from others who have experience to share in business, career and life in general; The exchange of ideas, good practice and impartial practical advice; Pathways to Success – training through webinars, online events, conference and discussions as well as face to face events; CPD Certification for some of our events and training programmes, where we work with some of our partners and sponsors; The opportunity to volunteer, lead on some of our project and develop skills in areas, which can be used all areas of one’s life and career; The opportunity to meet like-minded people, to develop contacts and associations. Learn more about WIMUK here

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